DCASH is a utility token, enabling users to fully access the services of the Diabolo ecosystem. Users can pay the fees for CeFi or DeFi copytrading services, staking, create their own DPT and/or become a liquidity provider for others.

Trading fees payment

With DCASH, you can pay the fees related to the use of each of the services of the Diabolo ecosystem (Dtrading, Dstaking and Dperformances).

Governance Rights

Holding DCASH tokens allows you to participate in community votes. Each holder can then influence the evolution of the Diabolo ecosytem.

Fees Reducer

Holding DCASH tokens allows you to benefit from reduced rates in the Diabolo ecosystem. This discount ranges from 1% to 30%.

Dstacking Service

The DCASH token can be stacked inside the Dstaking service of Diabolo. The staking will be compatible with the usage collaterals of the other services of the ecosytem.

DPT Creation

DCASH tokens will allow strategy providers to create their own DPT (Diabolo Performances Token). They will be able to increase their trust score by placing DCASH in collateral.

DPT User Acces

Users wishing to replicate decentralized perfromances will be able to bring in cryptocurrency liquidity and collateralize a percentage in DCASH for payment of performance fees.

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