Contest Rules

– No starting capital – The graphic tracking of the trade (asset selection, entry, exit) is done outside the platform of the contest, on your favorite tools …
– The competition platform allows you to place orders, see the evolution of trades in the tab “My trades” and the position of traders in the tab “The Traders”
– Unable to strengthen or lighten a position
– No elimination loss, so a trader who takes -200% on a trade or who is last with a percentage to -6000% remains in the race
– A tab will be available on your account for each round with the performance of all traders.
– Stop loss, Buy Limit, Sell Limit are allowed
– We will not validate ‘ALL IN’ winnings (10 trades opened at the same time on a single pair) max leverage allowed 3 trades on a pair.
– No “Short Sale” orders
– No leverage
– Purchase orders are made on all pairs of Binance in the BTC counterparty, SAUF for the BTC which is in USDT counterpart
Unlimited trades
– At each trade the Binance fees are deducted

– Highest winning percentage on each miss designates the winner of the round.
– The Top start of each round is given by Diabolo
– The end of each round is automatically completed at the last second of the last minute of the 30 days elapsed.
– At the end of each round all current trades are closed
– The winner of each round is the one who finishes with the most wins (highest percentage)
– The general classification is done by adding the ranking of each round
– The winner of the contest is the one who finishes first
– In the event of a tie, the one who has the best percentage average over the 3 rounds finishes alone first

3- Gains:
– Winner of a round: $100 paid on the BITCOIN address of his choice within 7 days of the end of the round
– Winner of the tournament: $1000 paid in token DIA (1000 DIA – 1 ETH)

– This contest is above all a free game made on a virtual platform that tries to reproduce the courses and assets of BINANCE.
– As it’s a game, have fun and be fair
– Even though it’s still fun, be careful by gradually increasing your stop loss, or cutting the position to ensure your winnings.

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