Dcash is the first ERC20 DEFI token to offer tokenisation of real traders’ performances through 3 different services. Thanks to its DCASH token, Diabolo is much more than a simple investment solution! 

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Passive income

Even without using Diabolo’s services, 30% of your DCASH automatically generate monthly dividends credited in DCASH and replicating the average performance of the top 3 Diabolo traders.


Diabolo’s services are far superior to traditional investment solutions. The low average of our TOP3 trader is 5% per month.

Our clients talk about it better than we do!


 To offer the safest possible environment, we have created the Diabolo FUND CARE. A reserve fund that can be used in the event of an unexpected unfavourable situation. Diabolo invests 2% of its turnover in this fund every month.

scarcity effect

The DCASH token has been designed to increase in value! Diabolo buys DCASH by spending 20% of the turnover to destroy up to 50% of the total number of DCASH.  Unsold DCASH from ICO will be destroyed to increase scarcity.

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