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What are the credits for? How many do you have and what is the worth of 1 credit ?

Credits are used to prepay the copy-trading service fees (they will be replaced by Diabolo tokens when they will be released).

They are debited on the 2nd of each month and are proportional to the performance achieved the previous month.

A live estimation is displayed on the dashboard of your diabolotrading.com interface.

How many credits are recommended ? We advocate between 5% and 10% of the value in euros.

Example: 0,11BTC = 1000€ = 100 credits.

1 credits = 1 euro (€)


What is the minimum capital required to use Diabolos' services?

There is no minimum requested to use our “Management Fund” and “Performance Tokens” services.

For the copy trading service a minimum of 0.11BTC (Bitcoin) is necessary in order to copy the traders’ trades efficiently.

With a smaller capital, you will not be able to enjoy the same results as them.



How many trades should I entrust per trader?

We recommend you to allocate a minimum of 6 trades per trader so you can achieve a performance which is close to the one displayed by the board trader.


HOW MUCH are the copy trading fees?

There are no entry, no management or exit fees ! It is all about implementing a win-win system with performance-based fees.

The fees are 20% exclusive of tax (24% incl. VAT).

Fees are only calculated on net winnings according to the following formula:

Fees (Credits debited) = 24 x (Gross Gains – Gross Losses) / 100


How do I easily configure my Diabolo account ?

Download our quick start guide in here and follow it step by step!


Are the gains in bitcoins or dollars?

It all depends on your strategy!

If you want to accumulate Bitcoin, the BTC offer with Binance is made for you ! If you prefer to invest in fiat currency (euro, dollar) then the USDT offer with Kukoin will fit you right.

With Diabolo and the dual-profit system, both are accessible at the same time.

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