The Diabolo ambassador programme offers active members of the community benefits related to their involvement and their valuable help in the development of the ecosystem.


The Diabolo Ambassador Program

The Diabolo ambassador programme currently has 25 places and targets mainly 5 countries (United Kingdom, Russia, France, Switzerland, Spain). Diabolo is committed to developing its ambassador network around the world and is allowing citizens from all over the world to apply for the ambassador program.

The ambassador program has three titles including several types of financial and non-financial rewards.

Each of the ambassadors has a vital role to play!

Becoming a Diabolo ambassador opens the doors to the ecosystem and its global community.

Ambassadors will have the following benefits according to their title:
– Rewards for each contribution.
– Free* use of the ecosystem
– Internal channels dedicated to communication with the Diabolo management team.
– Invitation to private and public Diabolo events.
– Access to training on key Diabolo topics (trading, cryptos, blockchain, etc.)
– Diabolo articles and goodies to distribute to the community

For each action ambassadors earn points. The accumulation of these points allows to claim the different titles.

Title 1 – Diabolo Ambassador
Title 2 – Official Diabolo Ambassador
Title 3 – National Diabolo Ambassador


The Diabolo Ambassador Missions

There are four classes of missions for Diabolo ambassadors:

    Content creators help to raise awareness of the ecosystem, its values and its opportunities by creating videos, blogs, podcasts or any other form of production that has been validated by Diabolo. Content creators are provided with an official badge allowing them to be recognised and legitimise their word.

Conditions of eligibility :

1. You have pre-produced (or published) at least three pieces of content.
2. The form of the content respects the Diabolo graphic charter (available online)
3. The content is up to date, well presented, grammatically correct and of good quality


    The mission of the meetup organisers is to organise physical or online events around Diabolo activities in the broadest sense, ranging from simple think tanks to collective ecosystem use sessions. They create links between enthusiasts of the sector and allow the community to network. Meetup organisers are given an official badge to be recognised and to legitimise their voice.


    Moderators are the guardians of the Diabolo networks. They ensure that our official online social media channels remain qualitative, productive and a pleasant meeting place for community members. They act in their native language on several platforms.


    Translators promote the understanding of the ecosystem and thus the overall adoption of the Diabolo project among the different communities by translating and sharing official content. (Official announcements, blog posts, YouTube videos, live events, etc.)


The Diabolo Ambassador Rewards

Depending on their title, ambassadors can obtain rewards, a symbol of Diabolo’s recognition and gratitude for their commitment to the ecosystem.
Reward amounts will be distributed in DCASH tokens.

  • Content creators

Since different types of content are accepted and require different production efforts, an ambassador may be eligible for the rewards of the title above them in some cases.

Title 1: $10 per article (maximum of ten articles)
Title 2: 20 USD per item (up to eight items)
Title 3: USD 50 per item (maximum six items)
Monthly limit: USD 300



  • Meeting organisers

There are three types of meetings and three types of awards. These are independent of the title(s) of the organiser(s).

Meetup online: 20 USD
Physical Meetup: 30 USD
Meetup Hybrid: 50 USD
Participant bonus: 1 USD / additional participant (photos or screens as proof of the number of participants)
Monthly limit: 300 USD

A meetup must have at least 10 participants to be validated.
Meetup organisers can be rewarded after 3 organisations.



  • Moderators

The mission of the moderators is very important and Diabolo reserves the right to increase the rewards in this section for the most involved profiles.


100 USD/month for full coverage of a social channel.

Moderators are eligible for up to 3 channels.

Monthly cap: 300 USD


  • Translators

0.02 USD/word

Monthly limit: USD 300


The Diabolo Ambassadors Titles

Title 1 – Ambassador Diabolo: can be rewarded for contributions in one of the mission types.
Title 2 – Official Diabolo Ambassador: may be awarded for contributions in two of the mission types.
Title 3 – National Diabolo Ambassador: can be rewarded for contributions in three of the mission types.

Nominate an ambassador

Do you know a member of the community who could be nominated as an ambassador? Let us know by filling out the form here.

You can nominate yourself or any other community member you feel deserves the title of ambassador. The Diabolo Community Management Team will review potential candidates on a monthly basis.

ICO Ambassador Contest, 1.000.000 DCASH to be won

During the ICO period, ambassadors will be able to participate in a contest to win